Nothing is impossible with God! Have truer words ever been written? Our faith tells us nothing is impossible through the stories of seas parted, virgins giving birth, enemies reconciled, the blind given sight, the oppressed freed, the broken made whole, and life overcoming death. We’ve heard these stories, but here at First Congregational Church we have seen it.

The Holy Spirit is constantly moving us to proclaim love of God, neighbor and self to our church, our community and our world. Stewardship, giving generously, is not about paying the bills; stewardship is an invitation to participate in the incredible work God is doing through us at FCC.

Support God's mission of love, acceptance, justice and grace at First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake.

If you are already giving—thank you! I hope you will be moved to continue to give and perhaps even increase your gift.

If you have never given, then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others at FCC who experience the joy of God working through you and your gifts to transform our community and the world.